Let us introduce you to our defoamers


Outside the business world we are in touch with foam quite often without really thinking about it. We might see the foam in the kitchen sink after washing our dishes where we welcome the foam as a sign of hygiene and powerful surfactants. Same goes in the Sunday evening bathtub.


We also see foam in drinks or even on the surface of the ocean on a stormy day.


However, in the business world foam can become a critical issue which requires first class defoamers to control and maintain the right amount of foam. We can offer a wide range of defoamers, ranging from different grades per industry up to tailor made grades for your exact requirements.

We are serving industries like water treatment, construction, pulp & paper, paints & coatings as well as home and personal care.
Reach out to our sales and quality department, they will assist you in finding the suitable grade for your requirements.